How long will my Alcan Springs last?

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If we could give a pinpoint-accurate answer to questions like this, we'd be on Wall Street making billions!  Seriously, it's very difficult to predict spring longevity because there's no way to know exactly how you'll use your rig.  In our experience, a vehicle that is 50% on the road and 50% doing mild 4-wheeling will

Will I need longer spring shackles?

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Longer spring shackles are a relatively inexpensive and effective way to get the best performance out of lifted springs.  Are they absolutely necessary?  No.  But because most lifted springs are arched higher than stock, they're actually longer than stock.  And when the suspension flexes, the shackle end of the spring moves farther than stock.  That's

Do you make left and right springs?

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Yes, for vehicles that were designed to have them and in certain exotic applications.  For example, some vehicles such as Toyota 4x4 trucks and 4Runners have front springs with different arches and heights on the left and right.  Yet some spring companies make identical front springs and expect you to use a block or shim

Do you shot peen your springs?

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No we do not shot peen.  Testing has shown that shot peening is most beneficial in heavy material like big truck springs that are using full taper leaves.  The big point here is that all springs-whether they're leaves or coils-begin their fatigue cycles on the very first day of use.  Every time the spring flexes

Should I stay with spring-under or go to spring-over?

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We are asked this question every day and it is hard to provide a one-size-fits-all answer.  Here are the issues: Axle wrap (unwanted deflection or bending of a spring caused by torque to the tires) is more often a problem with spring-over setups than with spring-unders. Axle-wrap can be major or minor to fix, depending

How much lift height do I need?

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This is harder to answer than many customers realize at first. It depends on how you plan to use your truck. In most cases, the reason for a lift is to make room for larger-than-stock tires.  And if you don't use your rig off-road or in conditions which flex the axles too much, then you

Do Alcan Springs ride soft?

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The balance between soft ride and load carrying capacity is the great tradeoff in any custom spring design. Practically every customer tells us they want both.  And because Alcan Spring custom designs every spring pack, we can achieve the balance you need, provided we get accurate information.  That's why the weight information you give us

What makes Alcan Springs any better than others?

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Alcan Spring only makes custom springs.  Unlike mass-produced, one-size-fits-all leaf springs, each Alcan Spring pack is individually made to fit the particular needs of your vehicle and your ride-quality desires-firm, soft, towing, load-carrying, racing, rock-crawling, etc. This is why it's so important for you, the customer, to give us as much detailed information about your

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