The balance between soft ride and load carrying capacity is the great tradeoff in any custom spring design. Practically every customer tells us they want both.  And because Alcan Spring custom designs every spring pack, we can achieve the balance you need, provided we get accurate information.  That’s why the weight information you give us is so important.  For example, if you tell us your pickup carries 350 pounds all the time, that’s how we design your springs.  Your springs will ride soft with that 350 pounds aboard. 

However, if you decided not to carry that 350 pounds anymore, then you might feel a firmer ride. It takes that weight to help make the springs flex, and flex equals a softer ride. 

You may have noticed the same effect with a heavy-duty pickup truck.  When it’s empty it rides like a buckboard. But when you load it down, the ride feels softer. 

Again, one great advantage of a custom spring is that we can vary the pack to give you the best compromise.  Most mass-produced, off-the-shelf springs are available in only one or two version-softer or heavy-duty.  Alcan Springs can give you far more choice and flexibility.