If we could give a pinpoint-accurate answer to questions like this, we’d be on Wall Street making billions!  Seriously, it’s very difficult to predict spring longevity because there’s no way to know exactly how you’ll use your rig.  In our experience, a vehicle that is 50% on the road and 50% doing mild 4-wheeling will get the longest use.  Many of our customers are happy for years; some of our hardest-core 4-wheelers wear out their springs in a couple of ‘wheeling seasons.

At Alcan Spring, we use the finest spring material available and handcraft it with our best care and skill. We inspect the material and workmanship at every step of the process.  And if by chance, there’s a material flaw we overlooked that makes the spring fail or not work right, we’ll fix it right away.  Simple as that.  All we ask is that you not abuse the springs and that you use them according to the specifications and information you provide when we build your springs.