We custom handcraft each set of springs to suit your vehicle’s particular characteristics (weight, modifications, accessories, towing needs, cargo needs, etc) and to fulfill your ride-quality and ride-height (lifted, stock or lowered) desires. We believe that no mass produced, off-the-shelf spring can equal the ride quality, suitability and durability of a true custom spring.

We start with flat bars of top-quality high-carbon American- made spring steel. Alcan Spring’s start-to-finish custom process allows us to choose varied width, thickness, and flex characteristics according to customer needs. A leaf-spring pack often contains two or more different leaf thicknesses.

After we cut the flat spring-steel bars to length, a special furnace heats the main-leaf ends red hot then we roll the eyes using precise dies. The gray furnace scale falls away as the heat strengthens and tempers the steel.

The heat-treatment process is very important in controlling the consistency of the spring pack’s strength and durability. And the hands-on process means that every leaf is constantly inspected for quality.

Each customer’s spring order is processed and each leaf-pack is hand-formed by itself. That is, we don’t make piles of generic individual leaves and then stick them together later. Every pair of Alcan Springs is made to match in every way, right down to the shaping of the leaves, putting them together, and even to the final painting.

Alcan Springs can be made with tough military wrap eyes and bolted keepers for hardcore, super-flexy applications.

And all Alcan Springs feature diamond-cut leaves and Derlin anti-friction pads between the leaves.

At Alcan Spring, we use only top-quality Prothane poly bushings. And we can make custom U-bolts in any size and shape you need.

At Alcan Spring, we build springs the old-fashioned way–we build them by hand and we build them right, just the way you want them. This true custom process takes a little longer and costs a little more than buying mass-produced springs off the shelf. But we–and our many customers–believe that the better end product is well worth it.