You may already know that Alcan Spring built all of AOR’s (Advanced Off-Road Research) famous, super-flex Orbit-Eye™ Springs.

AOR supplied the Orbit-Eye™ Joints; we perfected the custom spring design that the Orbit-Eye housing’s 2.5-inch diameter requires.

So, fabricating these custom world-class, off-road leaf springs is nothing new to us!

What IS NEW is that we’ve acquired from AOR the exclusive rights to the Orbit-Eye™ Joint itself!

We can now build custom Orbit-Eye-equipped leaf springs in a huge range of lift heights and load capacities for your Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Jeep, Nissan or Toyota.

What’s more, the Orbit-Eye™ has been redesigned & refined. It offers vastly better flex, performance and durability than ever!

* A full 46° of flex – up from 38°

* Precision-machined, cold-rolled steel ball rides inside a special molybdenum-based nylon socket. Housing pins secure the socket in place.

* Rustproof aluminum spanner nuts secure the ball-and-socket inside a .120-wall steel housing. Set screws prevent the nuts from backing out.

The Orbit-Eye design is unique and is not available anywhere else!
Orbit-Eyes increase axle articulation (wheel travel) and eliminate chewed-up bushings, too!

THE PROBLEM: If you’ve done any seriously twisty ‘wheeling, you know how quickly regular poly spring bushings get chewed to dust. The reason is that the spring pack is U-bolted to the axle. And the traditional frame mount is rigid, too. So, as the axle angles over obstacles, the spring has no choice but to twist laterally. That not only chews up bushings, but it also limits axle articulation and stiffens the spring rate. A twisted spring cannot respond as well to terrain changes.

THE ORBIT-EYE SOLUTION: Orbit-Eye™ Springs feature custom, larger-than-stock spring eyes in one or both ends of the spring. In place of regular poly bushings, Orbit-Eye Joints allow the spring to pivot in the frame hanger and/or shackle up to 46 degrees. The spring is not forced to twist as it follows the axle’s up and down movement.

Your suspension is free to flex to its fullest and chewed-up poly bushings are a thing of the past!
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